Prayers For Direction

“Most of those attending the group were not believers.”

On Friday, just minutes before traveling to visit a new village we received an e-mail from a very dear friend. She reminded us that “When Father closes the door, He opens a window.” Over the past few weeks our visits to a particular village have been restricted. These restrictions limit our team’s ability to conduct effective story groups. We had become discouraged because of the bond that we had developed with these people and our commitment to those who were excited about storying. We asked the Father to give us direction and uplift our spirits.

A “Typical” day

The unusual is usual for our two-year Quest teams.
“Emma” says: At the beginning of January, Elizabeth and I moved to a small villiage that is about three hours from K-town…

Quotes from Questers

The names and faces may be changed for safety but the stories of what God is doing are very real.

I’ve been on an exploratory trip to scope out the area that we will be working in, and was totally blessed the whole time! I get excited when God says to do something and then people say how difficult it is. I asked God to use me in a difficult place and my request has been granted.

Questers ponder the next step

Every home can become God’s House through stories.

The very first Quest teams sent out by OneStory are about to pack up and head home after serving for the past two years. Here’s what a few have said:

OneStory Background

Some are oral communicators by necessity. Others may have a degree of literacy for certain basic functions, but will not read more complex information such as the Bible.

OneStory Partners With the Church

Our goal is to be a catalyst to initiate reproducing churches in all 5,500 unreached people groups by the year 2020.

OneStory exists to develop or facilitate effective oral communication strategies to convey God’s Word to people who are unreached or Bibleless.