Training is a major component of OneStory. Most workshops (with the exception of the Step Into The Story seminar) are offered as a part of the full OneStory Project training & consulting cycle.

Step Into the Story, Share the Story, the Introductory Workshop, and Utilization Training are relevant as stand alone workshops that are beneficial for various types of workers, not just those doing OneStory projects.

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Step Into The Story
Intro Workshop
Share The Story
Full Project Training

Step Into The Story

A two-day story utilization seminar preparing you to use existing Bible stories for ministry. Participatory sessions include:

  • Orally learning, telling, and discussing stories in a group setting.
  • Learning about orality
  • Using Biblical stories in sharing the Gospel.
  • Becoming familiar with other storying approaches
  • Learning about opportunities for involvement in OneStory

Introductory Workshop

Five Days includes:
  • Orally learning, telling, and discussing stories in a group setting.
  • Learning a set of stories crafted for a specific worldview.
  • Learning the OneStory process for crafting Biblical stories.
  • Becoming familiar with OneStory training and consulting.

Share The Story

A five-day multiplication workshop providing foundational evangelism and church planting truths from the book of Acts. This includes:

  • Orally learn and discuss nine stories from Acts
  • Participating in Storying Fellowship Groups (simple church)
  • Discuss the application of the truths in Acts to evangelism and church planting
  • Learning how worldview and culture impact evangelism and church planting

Utilization Training

Trains speakers of a given project language in effective use of that story set in evangelism and church planting. Training design varies according to the context and participants, but includes:

  • Orally learning stories from the completed story set.
  • Leading story fellowship groups for discipleship and church planting.
  • Socio-cultural and linguistic distinctives of the given story set.
  • Networking for ongoing ministry in this language group.

Full OneStory Project Training

This is a series of workshops and mentoring that can take someone with no background in storying or translation through completion of a set of Biblical stories in a given language group. There are four basic types of OneStory projects based on the background of the workers involved. See links below for descriptions.

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