Telling God’s Story to the Sweater Women

September 2004, my teammate and I headed from the U.S. to an unreached people group living in the Himalaya Mountains. Due to the extreme violence that both workers and new believers have faced, I will refer to them as the Sweater People and testify how I saw God’s story touch their hearts.

Our goal was to live among the Sweater People, learn about them, and love them. We were to find a person of peace who would help us develop a Chronological Bible Story Set which would both touch the hearts and needs of the Sweater People and give them a biblical worldview.

“Telling Bible Stories in South Asia” video

A new five-minute video shows Elizabeth Wilson (one of OneStory’s most active Quest alumni) taking her years of experience to the next level as she makes yet another trip to South Asia as a storying consultant helping local Christians present Bible stories in their own language and cultural style.

Little Red Riding Hood in West Africa

We are only here for two years and do not have the time to “translate” all of God’s Word into their language, but our people have never heard the truth so we have come to share it with them. Our goal is to have around 20-25 chronological stories crafted into the Konyanke style and language on cassette or on radio.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

In Exodus 34 God appears to Moses to give him the laws for the Israelites a second time (the people were just caught trying to create a god of their own.) Moses falls to the ground and pleads, “God please do not make us go on from here on our own. Go with us! These people are so hard headed and rebellious. Forgive them and make them your own people!”

Team Discovers “Baal” Worship

We attended a party in our home village. Monica and I ordered matching pink doily outfits six months in advance! All the women in our family got dressed up to celebrate together. The event however was not what we were led to believe.
– Krystal Hutchinson

Storying & “JESUS” Film Synergy

We had an exciting time showing JESUS in the Supyire language! Anson came with another friend! Anson was so excited about this film and insisted that we show it to our [host] family. We are not JESUS Film workers but many millions have been changed through this film so we set up a day and time to show the family we live with in our village.
– Krystal Hutchinson

Short-Term Volunteers in Mali

A volunteer team from Georgia, USA was with us last week among the Senufo Syenara. Three men and two women came accompanied by a translator from the capital city of Bamako (a believer) and our regional overseer. We saw the Father work in amazing ways.
– Susan

Pray For “Seeker” Crafters

This story about a man the team calls Samson is common. Often the story crafter our teams use is not a Christian when the project begins. “Samson” is helping take the Scripture the team feeds him and turn it into a story in his native language. Please pray for him. He is handling God’s Word and putting it into a format for distribution to an unreached people group. He’s had years of effort poured into him by missionary friends who introduced the OneStory team and seems ready to accept Christ. Samson is the head of his household, responsible for about 20 in his compound. Imagine if he were to call Jesus his Lord and Savior.