“Most of those attending the group were not believers.”


On Friday, just minutes before traveling to visit a new village we received an e-mail from a very dear friend. She reminded us that “When Father closes the door, He opens a window.” Over the past few weeks our visits to a particular village have been restricted. These restrictions limit our team’s ability to conduct effective story groups. We had become discouraged because of the bond that we had developed with these people and our commitment to those who were excited about storying. We asked the Father to give us direction and uplift our spirits.

We traveled to this new village and were graciously invited into this little stone floored home. After everyone had arrived, 12 ladies and 3 children gathered to listen to the “Creation Story”. Eighteen of us squeezed in a tiny little room. The story was well received and started lots of great discussion as we had hoped. Before tea time many asked that we return weekly to tell more stories. Most of those attending the group were not believers. We will visit again next week and see how the Father leads us. Continue to speak to the Father on our behalf as to how and where we are to be used.

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