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2023 OneStory Workshops

The Oral Translation Services unit of SIL International will be hosting two workshops in June at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. OneStory Introductory WorkshopJune 11-16, 2023A week-long workshop designed for those seriously considering participation in a cross-cultural OneStory project in another language. These participatory sessions include:● Orally learning, telling, and Read more…

2018 Redcliffe College OneStory Course

The intense five-day training runs November 5 – 9, 2018 from Monday morning to Friday afternoon.

This Bible Storying course will help you to:

  • Tell a story to a small group.
  • Help others to learn the story.
  • Lead a discussion about the spiritual application of the story.
  • Understand the worldviews of the group, which stories are most appropriate to the group and and how to adapt your story to a given worldview.
  • Begin story crafting with a Bibleless language group,  or people already with Scriptures but who need help in engaging with them to understand the Bible’s whole story.  They could be somewhere remote or even in your own town in the UK or Europe!

For more information and to register visit:

Angolar University Seminar

Indigenous Storying Dignifies Local Languages

In the tiny island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe just off the coast of west Africa, national leaders participated in a recent seminar. Among those invited were the President, Prime Minister as well as Ministers of Education, Culture, Sciences and Communication. At the event in September 2017, the church-based translation association, The Bible in Our Language (ABNN) promoted Bible translation projects in Angolar and Forro to spread awareness of the effect of these languages spoken in churches and homes. Both languages are recognized, but enjoy a lower status than the island nation’s official language of Portuguese. The Seed Company (part of OneStory) has labored in Bible story projects for these languages for years.

Chicago Area OneStory Workshops May 2017

Step into the Story

May 12-13, 2017

This event is for people interested in communicating God’s Word any and everywhere through Biblically accurate, naturally told stories.

These participatory sessions include:

  • Orally learning, telling, and discussing stories in a group setting.
  • Learning about orality
  • Using Biblical stories in sharing the Gospel.
  • Becoming familiar with other storying approaches
  • Learning about opportunities for further participation in OneStory.

Advanced Storying Workshop: Toulouse, France

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Advanced Storying Workshop                     Toulouse, France              November 7-16, 2016

This workshop is for anyone who has completed the Introduction to Orality and Storying and is ready to begin a OneStory Project crafting a redemptive panorama of oral Bible stories in a particular language. Participants will receive the hands-on training needed to begin crafting an exploratory set.

For more information, please email:

Global Orality Email