Pray For “Seeker” Crafters

This story about a man the team calls Samson is common. Often the story crafter our teams use is not a Christian when the project begins. “Samson” is helping take the Scripture the team feeds him and turn it into a story in his native language. Please pray for him. He is handling God’s Word and putting it into a format for distribution to an unreached people group. He’s had years of effort poured into him by missionary friends who introduced the OneStory team and seems ready to accept Christ. Samson is the head of his household, responsible for about 20 in his compound. Imagine if he were to call Jesus his Lord and Savior.

Short-Term Volunteers in Mali

A volunteer team from Georgia, USA was with us last week among the Senufo Syenara. Three men and two women came accompanied by a translator from the capital city of Bamako (a believer) and our regional overseer. We saw the Father work in amazing ways.
– Susan

Recording for the World’s Biggest Bibleless Group

“Isengardians” are the largest people group in the world without the Bible in their own language. Since “Isengard” has a very low literacy rate (less than 10% for village women) recorded scriptures, storytelling programs, and video projects are vital to present the Gospel. We recorded 21 stories, each recorded in both a male voice and a female voice.
– T&CW