The OneStory Alliance began as a gathering of mission groups who saw the effectiveness of sharing God’s word in story form with Bibleless and unreached people groups.

The alliance brings together people whose lives have been radically transformed by the power of God’s story with the shared goal to take that story where it has not yet been heard.

Since 2004, OneStory missionaries and national believers have worked together to create biblical story sets that communicate the truths of the Gospel, sending out workers like Lynn. Lynn’s family befriended indigenous people from the “Zena” people group living in a large city in East Asia. They learned their language and customs, traveling in and out of the remote regions they come from. Over three years they developed a set of Biblical stories in the Zena language, tested and recorded them. During this process, Zena people became believers who were then trained to share the Bible stories with other Zena people throughout their region, resulting in indigenous-led, reproducing churches. Zena believers share truth through stories, just like Jesus.

Today there are more than 100 complete sets of stories in various languages around the world being used by mother tongue storytellers to plant churches. Believers access to the Scriptures in their heart language, often for the first time. Additionally, 92 story sets are in progress.

Over 70% of the unreached people groups of the world don’t learn new information through literate means like reading and analyzing. Many of them have no scriptures in their own languages. For information on the unreached, see Finishing The Task.

Will there be a day when all unreached and Bibleless groups will have access to Bible stories in their heart language? Yes! We look forward to the day when all tribes and ethnicities gain access to God’s word in their own language.

OneStory contributes to that goal for the glory of God.