Vijay speaks a language in Northern India. He recently graduated from a training workshop for storytellers along with 22 others from 8 different language communities.

Ten months after the workshop started, mother tongue Scriptures were available to 65 million people in the form of Biblically accurate, culturally relevant, oral stories. In three of these languages, the stories represented access to Scripture for the very first time!

In a note from one of the Bible translation consultants involved said that Vijay (pictured) is pleased with the reception of the stories. Vijay told him that those hearing the stories in the villages are very enthusiastic, and storytellers are pleased because their non-Christian neighbors are showing great interest in the stories. In this part of India, only 0.3% of the population professes to be Christian, and two-thirds don’t know how to read or write.

In India, carefully selected mother tongue believers are intent on reaching their own people groups with God’s Word. “I see the importance of providing people with Scriptures in their mother tongue — it appears as if God were speaking to His people in their own mother tongue,” says one storyteller.

– Bob Creson President, Wycliffe USA

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