A volunteer team from Georgia, USA was with us last week among the Senufo Syenara. Three men and two women came accompanied by a translator from the capital city of Bamako (a believer) and our regional overseer. We saw the Father work in amazing ways.

– Susan

Upon arrival, we were given the names of six villages to visit and the Lord opened the door. At the end of three days, over 150 Syenara people had heard the gospel for the first time, and the discovery of a handful of “hidden” believers was encouraging. Six new storying groups have been started which Susan and I will hopefully continue to build relationships with them and continue to share God’s truth.

The Lord was faithful to answer prayers. Water levels here are already low, and hot season has just begun. Every chief we visited asked us to pray for rain. In the name of Jesus, we asked for rain. Last night and this morning, it has rained off and on all over that area (a few months early for rainy season!!!). Pray that those people see that the Lord answers.

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