The primary reason OneStory exists is because of pioneering missionaries who realized decades ago that abstract logic gospel presentations are worthless among non-literates. Preaching and printing only relates to literates yet virtually every tribe and people yet to hear about Jesus are oral communicators.

One of the pioneers best known to OneStory’s founders was Jim Slack. He and his wife served in the Philippines for 25 years among Muslims and tribal people who had never heard the gospel. Toward the end of his work in the field, he became aware of strategies to reach oral learners. He spent virtually the rest of his life pursuing and persuading others to use more effective means. He spoke with great authority because he admitted he spent most of his career on the field using communication strategies that oral peoples could not understand let alone duplicate without the help of a outsider.

Jim passed into his eternal reward November 15, 2018. His legacy continues far beyond our little alliance among thousands of missionaries in untold numbers of people groups.

For more on Jim’s life, see this article.


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