I have a nifty new title: “Storying Facilitator.” Talk to me for more than three minutes and you’ll probably get me going on why I love storytelling. Erwin McManus says it better than I do, though:
“The beautiful thing about film, and I think story telling, is that it’s not really trying to give you the answers, but it’s trying to help you reflect and ask the right questions.”
Being a guest in a culture that is not my own and having all the answers is not really my thing. I’m much more comfortable helping people hear God’s story in mmm-BELLY-may and listening as they reflect on the answers that God’s Spirit brings to them.
About a month ago, I tested the story of the first time people disobeyed God with an old man who said he had never set foot in a church. This was the first part of God’s story he’s ever heard. Already an amazing honor for me to be part of that!
The story ends with God telling the people all the hard things they’ll have to experience because they disobeyed. It’s pretty harsh. Not a happy happy feel good story at all. After it was over, I asked the man some questions to see if the story was well crafted and clear. When I asked him why God made clothes for the man and the woman, he said, “Because God loved them so much that he just couldn’t leave them the way they were.” Wow.

Republished with permission from Nora’s blog.

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