The following is from a OneStory intern telling her story from 2018.

Though my time in North Dakota testing oral Bible stories with  American unchurched college students was short, it was a powerful time of learning and growth for me. God provided a circle of influence with my story testers: three unbelieving roommates and six new believers. I’m not sure when else in my life I’ve experienced such intense growth with the Lord, as my life, every word, chosen silence, tense moment, and snap decision, became ways to be a witness for Christ.

My biggest takeaway from the entire experience was significant growth in prayer and boldness. Having only five weeks to find testers and do my job left me no time for self-sufficiency or hesitation. Toward the end of my time there, a story tester who had only been a believer for six months told me,
“In high school and college before I dropped out, I struggled to remember things, facts and figures and stuff. And now when I read the Bible, it’s hard—I’m not good at reading. But when I learn these stories from you, they stick with me. I can pull them out of my brain at any moment to tell them to somebody who needs to hear them.”
If I doubted the power of oral Bible stories before, I’m now a wholehearted believer!

Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

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