Starting with a “skeleton panorama” of just 17 stories, Asian and American missionaries eradicated Bible poverty in a tribe who’s unwritten language is spoken by only about 1,000 scattered in small villages. Today, this remote tribe can memorize, meditate and disciple others using a set of 50 stories that begins in Genesis and tells God’s story in chronological order through the 1st century AD.

Lives are being supernaturally transformed using the time-tested OneStory approach. Not content with the progress made so far, mission workers have now launched a full digital oral Bible translation using the new Render tool on tablet computers. All this to bring freedom in Christ to a small, seemingly insignificant people group. Before they were discovered in 1991, the only hope they thought they had was to worship evil spirits. Today they don’t fear spirits in the trees, rocks or rivers as they get to know the power and love of Jesus.

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Photos by Mark Elliott

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