The following stories come from Carrie. She is serving among a Muslim Unreached People Group with only a handful of Christians and a single nascent church.

Mama G has been so excited about the stories from the beginning. She is really hard of hearing and doesn’t know a bit of Swahili, so a heart language story set has been an amazing tool to share God’s story. We have been telling her the Gospel as we have been going along (we aren’t sure if we should allow things to brew or use opportunities when they present themselves to talk further). Anyway, we finally got to the resurrection story with her and as we were talking about it afterwards she said, “Well of course Jesus was God. How else could he have come out of the tomb?” It was funny because we have been telling her about Jesus’ deity all along, but then she just understood it in such a simple, clear way. We have been encouraging her to pray to God and every time she asks for healing for her sore, arthritic knees. That day she prayed, “Jesus, if you are really God, then heal my knees!” We’re not sure what God will do, but it is awesome to see her putting the pieces together!

Just the other day, Bethany and I were telling the story of Christ’s birth to Mama K, an older woman. We began storying with Mama K a few months ago after she heard us tell the story of Jesus healing the paralytic man to Mama G. At that time we shared the Gospel and she told us her heart wants to follow Jesus but she would not be able to for fear of being ostracized by her family. However, she agreed for us to begin to visit and tell more stories. This week after we told her the story of Jesus’ birth she confided that since we started telling her the Bible stories, her long-standing demons have tormented her with various sicknesses, ailments, and lack of clarity in her thinking (about the Bible stories in particular). She said her demons do not like the talk of Jesus! At least her demons are scared what the stories are doing to her! Another thing is her son who’s also excited about the stories. He says they are ‘ya-andut’ which means ‘satisfying, taste good, scrumptious, etc.’ He seems to be an encouragement to his mom, especially with hearing the Bible stories. Please pray that together they can make a stand for Christ in their family and community!

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