Introductory Orality & Storying Workshop
March 10-18, 2015

[Note: the last day is now March 18, not 21]

This workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn a hands on, interactive method to share God’s Word so that people can hear, see and experience God’s story in a fun and relational way. The workshop will benefit lay people, full-time Christian workers, and mission agency staff as well as cross-cultural workers considering a Bible storying project.

The training is mostly oral and participatory with no texts, handouts or lectures during the workshop. Handout materials are made available once the workshop is completed.

This training models and practices:
● Orally learning and telling a story in a fellowship group
● Helping others to orally learn the story
● Leading spiritual application discussion of the story
● Introducing the concepts of multiplying groups/church planting
● Processing a worldview-sensitive, redemptive panorama in fellowship group
● Discussion of issues of orality and storying that arising from processing
● Crafting a story in your mother-tongue and taking it through the testing, documentation, and revision processes

Participants will be prepared to engage in the beginning stages of a storying project in various contexts, including unreached or Bibleless groups. During the seminar, participants may explore subsequent OneStory training.

Tuition fees: $100 USD if registered by February 11th, or $115 late registration

Room & Board options available on campus.

For further information write: sarah_bauson(at)

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