We are only here for two years and do not have the time to “translate” all of God’s Word into their language, but our people have never heard the truth so we have come to share it with them. Our goal is to have around 20-25 chronological stories crafted into the Konyanke style and language on cassette or on radio.

We had a lot of fun at the training in Guinea. At one point we were asked about songs in our people group. Our people love to sing as do a lot of West African people groups and they sing all the time. When our people tell “fairy tale” stories they only tell them at night and there is ALWAYS a song included. Telling stories is what we’re here to do and has also been a source of learning language. So I told a version of Little Red Riding Hood one night, and as I was telling it, I made up a song (VERY simple of course) which basically says “I’m walking, I’m walking, to Grandma’s house to Grandma’s house” and then it repeats. Oh my goodness, our people loved it!

The kids walk around singing it ALL the time. Music is such a part of their culture that we even hope for them to incorporate it into the Bible stories as music has a way of helping people remember.

– Nina


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