There are scriptural interpretation issues we’ve been discussing over and over again for a couple of years.

I met with one of my story crafters last week. It turns out that while he’s been traveling around Nepal for ministry he’s been asking other Nepali Christians and church leaders what they think on the issues with our story about angels, demons and Satan. He apparently got some very strong reactions to the question but what he did not get was a consistent point of view. Based on these experiences, he is now convinced that telling the story (the way he was telling it) has the potential to cause arguments and divisions. Now he has agreed to work with me to recraft the story using only ideas that are strongly and clearly supported by Scripture. What an answer to prayer! After all this time, I’m so glad that God put this on his heart.

I’ve always been extremely uncomfortable with the idea of telling them they have to tell the stories the way I say because I’ve been to seminary or something of that nature. One of the main points of Bible storying is that people who aren’t literate can still know God’s Word, be led by His Spirit, and share their faith without being dependent on foreigners to always tell them what to do. I’m so glad that God has changed minds through their travels and experiences and that I never got to a point where I either had to “put my foot down” or allow stories with a questionable biblical basis to be recorded. Join me in thanking the Lord for this blessing!

– M. M.

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