We had an exciting time showing JESUS in the Supyire language! Anson came with another friend! Anson was so excited about this film and insisted that we show it to our [host] family. We are not JESUS Film workers but many millions have been changed through this film so we set up a day and time to show the family we live with in our village.

Almost the entire [extended] family came. They gathered around the small TV and in silence watched the first video they had ever seen in their own language. It was an encouraging night. We we were watching how excited Anson was… the boy was quoting different parts of the film… not because he knew the film but because he knows the stories! Almost more exciting the next day we were able to ask questions and tell stories to a few members of our family.

Through the work of the Lord and your prayers our “mom” Fanta came and watched the majority of the film and listened to a story the next day! As we were asking Fanta about the film Anson turned and started telling her the story of “Jesus and the Demoniac” (Mark 5) following with the discipleship questions! She did not agree that she wanted Jesus to change her life like the man in the story, but she did listen and respond to the questions for the first time since we have been here!
– Krystal Hutchinson

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